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Philosophy: What is Melograno?

Melograno is a unique store-bistrot. It was designed as profitable innovation for the international marketplace for pedestrian intensive locations. It offers the guest various opportunities to enjoy diverse food offerings throughout the day; a place that is suited for a drink with a friend or a business meeting.

Melograno is an innovative concept in the field of food retail and consumption of high-end products of Mediterranean cuisine. It originates from the artisanal production of baked goods and fine pastry. The careful selection of ingredients, creativity and innovation inspire a strong emotional and sensory response in the consumer.

In an atmosphere of informal elegance, guests can savor the products and discover unusual food associations. This experience is born out of cross-cultural awareness of the evolving contemporary taste and health needs. The café, the pastry corner, the wine-bar, the store, the gelato counter, the gourmet and the space for events are unique and can attract the curiosity and loyalty of the more demanding clients.

Bakery   Bistro   Fine Pastry

Made in Italy Store & Bistrot

Vegan breadsticks, Medieval wine, the Table of Flavors, gluten free muffins, pomegranate sorbet from freshly squeezed juice, precious chocolate pralines, quinoa baked products, healthy smoothies, pomegranate aperitif, teas from the world, wood roasted coffee, regional specialties and luxury gifts.

All that satisfies the palate and is healthy, all our experience and recipes from Italian regional traditions enjoyed in an ambiance of casual luxury.

Bakery   Bistro   Fine Pastry